HORECA industry

    Easy, fast. Kalter.

    A completely innovative and revolutionary tool

    With Kalter, cold now is at hand and can always be obtained at any time and place in only a few seconds.

    This revolutionary tool features elegant wine coolers or special trays that are able to maintain the serving temperature of wine, water or meals for up to 90 minutes from serving.

  • The Kalter GLACETTE combination of
    design and technology

    Elegant, practical. Kalter.

    Elegance at the table thanks to the attractive containers

    The glacettes were made based on a simple and also elegant, practical and attractive design, which meets the need for elegance and class in the finest restaurants, hotels and catering businesses.

    A product that is attractive as well as functional to provide quality services that can actually make a difference in terms of innovation and added value.

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Business loan calculator

Business loan calculator

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Low interest student loans

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Car loan calculator

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  • Power supply >

    Ordinary power supply: 24V.  
  • Type of charging allowed >

    CO2 charging by means of 20 kg cylinders  
  • Configurations >

    The machine comes in two configurations (on request): “CUBO” (L.520 x W. 560 x H.1310 mm) or “LINEA” (L.1040 x W.280 x H.1300 mm) - Weight 52 Kg.  
  • Glacette size >

    Bottle container available in two sizes: diameter up to 85 mm and diameter up to 97 mm.  
  • Cooling programs >

    5 different CO2 charging programs for the wine coolers.  
  • Reaching of the temperature >

    A serving temperature of 7/9° is reached in about 10 minutes *   (*Valori medi calcolati per una temperatura di partenza del liquido a 15° con programma di ricarica 3)
  • Average time >

    Average preparation time of bottle container: 30 sec.  
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